For sports enthusiasts!

With a specialism in Personalised Sports Nutrition I will give you the knowledge and support so that you can learn how to fuel your body for your sport. I will help you optimise your diet to support regular exercise and maximise your body’s ability to recover. With personalised nutrition guidance I will work with you to set achievable strategies that fit your lifestyle, and help you to perform at your best to achieve your sporting goals.

Choose a nutrition and lifestyle coaching package that will be tailored to you, with additional information and planning provided on:

  • Balancing the components of your diet for your sport

  • Refuelling and recovery

  • Supplements to support your lifestyle

I offer a free 30 minute coaching session so that you can see how working together can benefit you. Learn more about my services by contacting me to chat about your needs. 



A check-in of your food intake to guide you in eating a healthy diet containing all the components for optimum wellness.

Using Nutritics software, I will analyse your food diary and provide you with a report and personalised recommendations to ensure your diet is ideal for you and the best it can be.


The pathway to wellness and long-lasting results

As a Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach, I can help you make nutrition and lifestyle choices and changes to improve your overall health and wellbeing. I will give you the knowledge and tools to help you achieve your health goals. We’ll work together to find solutions that are sustainable for you, and that you enjoy!