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"Philippa is a very supportive and empathetic nutrition and lifestyle coach. She took the time to properly analyse my lifestyle and food and activity preferences, and worked with me to develop realistic and broad ranging goals. She was great at celebrating my successes along the way and suggesting/ encouraging tweaks to my day-to-day activity to help me succeed with my goals. After a couple of sessions with Philippa, I developed and embedded much better habits and routines, and began making better-informed, deliberate food choices (rather than mindlessly reaching for convenience food) - and feeling healthier, more energetic and positive as a result."

Deirbhle, Dublin

"I contacted Philippa with a view to helping me identify what was good and not so good about my diet and to make recommendations for change in order to lose weight and to ensure I was getting enough nutrition to fuel properly for bike rides. Philippa delivered in spades. Her knowledge was excellent and the recommendation and action sheets that she sent on were invaluable. Overall I would have no hesitation in recommending Philippa’s services to anyone who is looking to lose weight, improve their diet and/or achieve more nutritious eating habits. I certainly feel the difference."

David, Dublin

"Philippa provides fantastic nutritional packages, which give very easy-to-follow steps, and this transformed my diet and I can notice a change already. It’s great to know exactly what to change, rather than guessing at what will work, and it has formed a blueprint for the future for much better nutrition."

Mark, Dublin

"Many thanks Philippa! I’m still benefiting from your advice and sticking to the food plan. It’s one of the best things to happen this year - it really gives a sense of being in control and still enjoying food.
I feel great!"

Kate, Birmingham

“Philippa has already had such a huge impact on my eating habits and getting my nutrition back on track. I stopped making a daily smoothie and instead added fresh whole fruit to my porridge as well as having more veggies with dinner to increase my fibre intake. I loved the advice of eating a rainbow of fruit and vegetables every day, and safe amounts of fish to eat, I'm pescatarian and lately got into eating fish very regularly. You have shared so much valuable information with me – thank you!”

Niamh, Dublin

"Philippa was kind enough to provide The Alzheimer Society of Ireland with an extremely interesting, engaging and thought provoking talk on nutrition. We are currently running a wellness series for staff and we were lucky enough to have Philippa be our first speaker. The feedback from staff was highly positive, feeling the workshop was educational but extremely accessible and practical. Philippa has the ability to translate her extensive knowledge of Nutrition into useful take-away information."

Patricia, The Alzheimer Society of Ireland

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