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Hi, I’m Philippa, a Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach...

aiming to help you achieve your best health and wellness, and to feel good so that you can make the most out of life!

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Achieving wellness has been made complicated. With conflicting messages in the media, information overwhelm, the prominence of fad and unsustainable quick fix diets and the demonisation of certain foods, it’s not surprising we are all a little confused about what’s best for our health.

And with such busy lives, it’s easy to get distracted from taking care of ourselves and finding the balance between self care and taking care of the important people in our lives.

This is where I can help.

My aim is to provide you with simple, practical and personalised guidance to help you find your own pathway to wellness.

Most of all, I want to share my passion for food, eating and living well and how these can help you to feel amazing!


A bit about me...

With a long-held passion for feeling healthy through eating well and being active, I wanted to know more about how nutrition and lifestyle can impact our health. I studied with the Institute of Health Sciences, qualifying as a Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach, and I now share my knowledge and support to help others lead the healthiest life they can - so that they feel the best they can.

With a calm and centred approach to life, I look for the positives and believe there are always choices which can influence the way we think, what we do and what we become.

I can support you to make those informed choices, to move you from ‘knowing’ to ‘doing’, and help you to take control of your wellness; to live well and be well.

Book a free introductory call with me to discuss how I can support you, and check we can work well together.

Given the right information, resources and support, we can all achieve optimum wellness.

Why settle for average health, when your best health is possible?

Image by Danilo Ćalić

Philippa Evans, Dip NLC IHS
Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach

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